Domain Aliases

Domain alias is an additional service. This service enables web sites to run with more domains. You must have active primary domain. Other domains are only aliases for binding.

Domain aliases must show same site as primary domain. It is allowed to show same site in different languages.

How it works with web sites

If you have primary domain and domain alias your web hosting and web sites are registered to Hostname is only pointing to primary domain web sites. -> -> -> ->

You can't change or use administration for domain alias.

How it works with e-mails

All e-mail accounts are registered on primary domain You can't create a new e-mail account on alias domain

If you have e-mail account, you can use this account for sending and receiving e-mails.

Domain alias for e-mail services is similar as alias for web sites or more IP adresses. You can access and manage services only on primary domain with web hosting programs. Domain alias doesn't contact users or accounts and you can't send e-mails from this domain.

You can only receive emails to this domain and e-mails will be automatically received by primary domain Domain alias is only additional record to primary domain name.

For sending e-mails you must authenticate by e-mail user name and this user name must be same as sender e-mail address. Because domain alias doesn't have users you can't send e-mails from this domain name.