2019-03-27 Unplanned outage


Dear customers,


on March 27, 2019, there was a technical problem on our network infrastructure located in the TTC data center in Prague. First of all, we apologize for the inconvenience during the unavailability of some services.


Following the identification of the network infrastructure problem, were restarted these DNS servers, where zones to 1% DNS zones were incorrectly synchronized, damaged and then synchronized between DNS servers. After identification of these damaged zones, we restored them to their original state and contacted customers for whom the zones could not be completely restored to complete the missing records. The DNS zone service is provided for free to active domains and web hosts and we do not guarantee it.


During the repairing of the above-mentioned problems, there was no interruption of services or restart of web hosting services and cloud servers, however, due to unavailability of connectivity several short-term outages occurred within a few hours.


If you are interested in the application of the compensation for paid services based on their reduced quality or unavailability, you can contact us with a specific service example. We will provide compensation based on the prepaid range of SLA services to specific services for the period of unavailability of the service in the form of a service or credit extension.


Services provided free of charge, a trial version of services, additional services for regular services and services in test version can´t be compensated. These are mainly free hosting, trial hosting, DNS zones to domains without web hosting and other additional services.


Thank you for your understanding and once again we apologize to all the customers who were touched about the troublesomeness.